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15 Apr 2021

Advisor education that changes the conversation

The Center for Outcomes aims to help financial advisors expand their value beyond investment management and strengthen the advisor-client relationship through conversations centered around outcomes.

Participate in our 2020 continuing education programs to learn how to elevate your business value to clients and obtain one credit hour toward your yearly CFP continuing education requirement.

Applied Behavioral Finance course objectives:

  • Learn to recognize behavioral biases in clients
  • Apply behavioral finance techniques when advising clients
  • Brand and position yourself as a behavioral coach
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We provide advisors with the necessary knowledge to inform their clients with influence, through:



Teach what really matters by focusing on areas that enhance an advisor’s practice, including asset management, behavior management, and practice management.



Implement a repeatable outcomes-focused communication model so advisors can save time, improve productivity, increase client retention, and enhance their marketplace reputation.



Access a network that supports cumulative learning and provides relevant research and thought leadership supporting an outcomes-based communication approach.

Brinker Capital Investments has been listening to financial advisors for over 30 years.

The Center for Outcomes is a repeatable communication model that enables financial advisors to save time, improve productivity, increase client retention, and enhance their reputation in the investor marketplace. The Center for Outcomes is offered exclusively through Brinker Capital Investments, LLC.